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Our Divisions


UPS & Voltage Stabilizers
  • Industrial AC UPS and Inverters
  • Industrial DC UPS
  • Static Type Power Corrector / LV Type
  • Static Type (IGBT Based) & Servo Type Voltage Stabilizers
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Frequency converters (Including 400Hz)
  • Load banks
  • Magnet Lift Rectifiers
  • On grid and off grid (transformer based) Inverters


Vehicle Emission Monitors

AccuScan 4000 combines highly advanced windows based software with established remote sensing technology to direct an infrared beam across any street or highway, entrance or exit ramp, parking lot lane or other roadway to a compact, unobstrusive Analyzer module.When a vehicle passes, the system automatically.

  • Reads its exhaust plume in less than a second
  • Determines concentrations of HC, CO, CO2 and NOx
  • Records and Stores the data for later retrieval
  • Captures an image of the vehicle’s license plate for reference purposes
  • Records the speed of the vehicle as it passes for measurement validation.

Portable Stack Flue Gas Analyzer

We supply the complete range from US manufacturers E Instruments who provide innovative instrumentation solutions that encompass combustion gas analysers, calibrators and Test & Measurement equipment.The measurements include O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2,CxHy,H2S,temperature,Draft,Velocity and efficiency among other parameters.

Indoor Air Quality Meters
  • Indoor Environmental IEQ, IAQ Survey Meters
  • Toxic Gas Test Instruments
  • TVOC (PID) Monitor
  • Air Velocity Meter
  • Formaldehyde Data-Logger, stand-alone Monitor
  • Particulate Concentration, Particle Count Sensors
  • Laboratory Fumehood Test Instrumentation
  • Volume Flow & Ventilation Test Meter
  • TAdvanced Report Generator; efficient, detailed professional Environmental Reports.

VOC Detectors, Leak Detectors, Benzene Monitors
  • Corvus Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • LEO Multi-gas Monitor
  • Tiger Select – Benzene & Total Aromatic Compound (TAC) Detector
  • GasCheck Leak Detectors
  • Tiger VOC Detector
  • Cub – Personal PID Monitor
  • Benzene Monitors.

Portable Ambient Air Quality Monitor

These types of Portable monitors can be used to monitor air quality in urban spots, roadside and even used for risk assessment in work places.The parameters available are NOx,CO,CO2,O3 and PM.

Noise and Vibration Monitor


Air Purifiers / Smoke Purifiers
  • Smokemaster® line of ESP for tobacco smoke
  • Miracle Air & EverClear line of HEPA type media air cleaners
  • Fume Fighter line fume filtration equipment for solder fumes
  • Mist Buster line of oil and mist collectors.

Public Warning System
  • Digital Public Warning and Notification System for Industries
  • Digital People Warning System
  • DSE Electronic Sirens

Air Curtains
  • Lo-Pro for Commercial & Quiet applications
  • Standard HV & EP Series for Industrial application
  • HEPAC Air curtains for hospitals & Clean rooms.

Radar Speed Signs
  • SafePace 100 – Portable compact solution
  • SafePace 400 – Static “YOUR SPEED? radar set-up
  • SafePace 600 – can display text, graphics or animation
  • SafePace 700 – similar to Safe Pace 600 except for larger display digits
  • SafePace 800 - offers unparalleled versatility with both radar speed display and variable message board in one
  • School Zone Systems
  • SafePace Beacon System

Modular Rubber Solutions
  • Speed Humps – Traditional traffic calming to slow cars on residential streets
  • Speed Tables – Flat topped speed humps for more gradual speed reduction
  • Speed Cushions – Series of small speed humps that slow cars without impeding emergency vehicles
  • Speed Bumps - – Highly visible speed bumps slow traffic to between 2-5 mph
  • Alley Bumps -Designed to address speeding and cut-through in alleyways.

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